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Various Thailand Government Organizations With Website Links

This page provides links to several of the Thai government websites where you can find very useful information.

Thailand Telephone Dialing
If you are placing a call into Thailand from another country first dial the country code for Thailand: 66 then the phone number without the leading zero (0). However, when dialing from within Thailand the leading zero (0) is required.
To phone the Austrian embassy in Bangkok from England dial: 66 2 344 6300.
To phone the Austrian embassy in Bangkok from from Phuket, Thailand dial: 02 344 6300.

When brought to our attention any reasonable error will be corrected. We appreciate that you please notify us of any corrections for the details shown below.

Thailand Government Organizations

Thai Government Organizations
Government Organization Website URL
Aeronautical Radio of Thailand http://www.aerothai.com
Airports of Thailand Company Limited http://www.airportthai.co.th
Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited http://www.ktb.co.th
Ministry of Commerce http://www.moc.go.th
Ministry of Finance http://www.mof.go.th
Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://www.thaisecurify.com
Ministry of Industry http://www.industry.go.th
National Petrochemical Public company Limited http://www.npc.co.th
New Bangkok International Airport Company Limited http://www.bangkokairport.org
Office of The Civil Service Commission, Thailand http://www.ocsc.go.th
Port Authority of Thailand http://www.pat.or.th
PTT Public Company Limited http://www.pttplc.com
Public Warehouse Organization http://www.moc.go.th
Small Industry Credit Guarantee Corporation http://www.sicgc.or.th
Thai Airway International http://www.thaiair.com
Thai Industrials Standard Institute http://www.tisi.go.th
Thai Maritime Navigation Company Limited http://www.tmn.co.th
Thai Parliament http://www.parliament.go.th
Thailand Board of Investment http://www.boi.go.th
The Bureau of The Budget http://www.bb.go.th/bbhomeeng/
The Communications Authority of Thailand http://www.cat.or.th
The Marketing Organization http://www.mo.moi.go.th
The Mass Communication of Thailand http://www.moac.go.th
The National Security Council http://www.nsc.go.th
Tourism Authority of Thailand http://www.tourismthailand.org

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